Scan results: It’s complicated

Got the results today from my abdominal MRI and chest CT. Not what we were hoping for. The single metastasis in my liver has increased in size, from 1.5 cm to 2.1. I’m only 12 weeks into my new treatment, immunotherapy drugs, so it’s hard to say whether the therapy is working or not. HereContinue reading “Scan results: It’s complicated”

The nightmares in our cancer closets

Today, I’m nervous. My stomach is unsettled, a familiar low-level nausea that kills my appetite and makes it uncomfortable to move around. Then, when I think about what’s coming up, the anxiety rises through my chest and into my throat. My scans tomorrow — an MRI for my liver and abdomen, and a CT forContinue reading “The nightmares in our cancer closets”

Thank you, Dr. Tom Marsilje By TREVOR MAXWELL I never met Dr. Tom Marsilje. But thanks to him, I’ve got a better shot at beating cancer. Tom was a cancer medicine researcher from San Diego. At age 40, on the day he presented findings about a promising drug he helped develop, Tom was himself diagnosed with colon cancer. ForContinue reading “Thank you, Dr. Tom Marsilje”