Milepost: Liver surgery, take two

May 6, 2019

Hi all, I hope you are enjoying this sunshine-filled day! As some of you already know, my cancer is being stubborn.

So we just need to be more stubborn.

CT and MRI scans over the past few months confirmed that I have another tumor in my liver. So on Thursday, I will be headed to Central Maine Medical Center for a second liver surgery. All of my “dream team” doctors (two oncologists and one surgical oncologist) are on board with this decision.

I’m feeling hopeful and determined, thanks to the incredible support of Sarah, Sage, and Elsie. Every day, they fill my life with joy, and they inspire me with their love, courage, and resilience.

One thing I’ve learned through this journey is that you must focus on one step at a time. For us, the next step is another surgery. Then I will have an MRI three months down the road. If I have another recurrence, we have options to face it.

But we are focused on the healing power of love, and we truly believe I will be cancer-free, no matter what the road looks like, or how long it takes.

Amidst the uncertainty, there is so much good in our lives. Incredibly, Sarah earned her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. This required three years of evening classwork while working fulltime as a teacher and then as Assistant Principal at Skillin Elementary School in South Portland, and while caring for our family through my surgeries, recoveries, chemo, etc.

Sage is enjoying outdoor track, music, and voice lessons. She is blossoming into quite the singer. Elsie continues to spend most of her spring and summer playing softball, and I’m helping to coach her Middle School and Little League teams. We enjoy the company of family and friends.

Yes, cancer has changed our lives over the past year. And yes, it is really, really hard to face. But it also focuses our attention on what matters most.

As I’ve said in prior updates, we appreciate your support via texts, emails, calls, letters, etc. but please understand we might not be able to respond soon, or at all. We will try to provide updates on this site about how things go, and what the next steps might be. If there are specific needs that we have, we will let you know.

Thank you all so much for your support. No walls. Only hurdles.

Trevor, Sarah, Sage, and Elsie

Published by Trevor Maxwell

Trevor Maxwell writes about life as stage IV colon cancer patient, and about overcoming challenges. A former newspaper journalist, Trevor is passionate about the power of words. Follow at

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